An Unscientific Experiment: why clean eating matters

As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently recovering from oral surgery. Specifically, I had a gum graft in the front of my mouth. For several days, I could not chew at all. Now, almost one week later, I’m still restricted to “soft” foods (noodles, soup, fish, cheese, etc.). All of these restrictions meant... Continue Reading →


Kung Pao Tofu & Brussel Sprouts

A few days ago, I had oral surgery. As I sit here recovering, eating my apple sauce and jell-o, I am salivating over all of the foods I suddenly can't eat. (You should have seen the envy in my eyes over my fiance's Chipotle bowl last night.) All of this drooling reminded me that it's... Continue Reading →

Spinach Shakshuka

Second recipe in two weeks, look at me go! This recipe, adapted from Epicurious, was a way to incorporate some leftover spinach and attempt to work back to a veg-heavy, high fiber diet. The bonus of this recipe is how adaptable it is - you can add almost any vegetable you want to it, serve... Continue Reading →

Asian Tofu Stir Fry

Remember LAST JANUARY, when I promised to blog some of our favorite vegetarian, environmentally friendly meals? No? Me neither…. Everybody loves a good stir fry. It’s tasty, versatile, and can be used to pack a lot of veggie punch into one dish. Here is my household’s version of Asian Tofu Stir Fry: First, you will... Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After…for everyone?

This week, a Cosmopolitan magazine came in the mail. I haven’t subscribed to Cosmo in over a year, but of course I cherished this surprise and read it anyway. A lot has changed over the past year and I found myself skipping past most articles and adverts with boredom, until one page caught my eye:... Continue Reading →

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